Scholarly Writings

Scholarly Lectures and Writings:

*Copies of these select articles are available in pdf; copies of other articles are available upon request.

Notable Published Appellate Decisions:

  • Masterpiece Finishing Co. v. Callahan, 180 Ga. App. 216, 348 SE2d 586, 1986 Ga. App. Lexis 2094
  • Horizon Industries v. Carter, 188 Ga. App. 194, 372 SE2d301, 1988 Ga. App. LEXIS 910
  • Goswick v. Murray County Bd of Education, 281 Ga. App. 442, 636 SE2d 133, 2006 Ga, App. LEXIS 1122
  • Caremore v. Hollis, 283 Ga. App. 681,462 SE2d 375, 2007 Ga. App. LEXIS173
  • Maloney v. Gordon county Farms, 265 Ga. 825, 462 Se2d 606, 1995 LEXIS 857
  • Barker v. Cobb County School Dist., 271 Ga. 35, 518 SE2d 126, 1999 LEXIS 370
  • Padgett v. Waffle House, Inc., 269 Ga. 105,498 SE2d 499, 1998 LEXIS 268

Other Outstanding Achievements:

  • 01/10/2000 Appointed by Governor Roy Barnes to co-chair the Medical Committee of the Governor's Worker's Compensation Advisory Commission which resulted in:
    • the amendment of OCGA 34-9-201 to expand the "panel of physicians" from four to six; the amendment of OCGA 34-9-108 to provide for the first time a method to recover litigation expenses;
    • the amendment of OCGA 34-9-203 to create a self-activating graduated penalty process for failure to pay provider bills timely;
    • and substantially revised the "WC-205 process" and rewrote Board Rule 205 to require response within five business days to providers' written request for advance authorization of medical care.
  • 10/09/2001 Appointed by Governor Roy Barnes to the Governor's Workers' Compensation Review Commission and to the data/statistics subcommittee which identified, gathered and analyzed data in order to perform the first ever in-depth analysis of Georgia's Workers' Compensation system. The widely acclaimed report was reprinted in the Univ. of Georgia Law Review and cited as authoritative in Davis v Carter Mechanical, Inc. 272 Ga. App. 773, 612 SE2d 879, 2005 Ga. App. LEXIS 334.
  • Lead attorney in Cordell v Collins & Aikman/Travelers' Insurance Co., the first workers' compensation case in Georgia history in which The Medical Association of Georgia joined to submit an amicus curiae brief to expose the use of managed care utilization review devices in Georgia's "traditional panel of physicians" medical care delivery model.